Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Mommy Fashion

Well hello there blog world! It's been way too long since my last post. A lot has happened (hello my baby is almost 14 months!!) and I'd like to try to get back in to posting regularly. I've been toying with the idea of doing a weekly weight loss post, maybe including some pictures of the process but I don't quite know if I'm brave enough for that yet. So, instead I came up with the brilliant yet not very original idea of doing a weekly fashion post. We'll see how long that lasts. ;)

I confess: I have a momiform. That is a uniform that fits my mommy lifestyle pretty comfortably. Is it attractive? Probably not. Is it comfortable. Yes! Right after the little man was born I found myself living in "easy access" tank tops and sweats most of the time. Then if I had to go out I traded in the sweats for jeans. Cute, right? No, not so much, but it worked. Then I started following a blog called Ain't No Mom Jeans which inspired me to start putting a little more effort into my overall look. Slowly I've built up a wardrobe of affordable clothes that I feel are both comfortable and flattering. So... now my plan is to post a weekly look with all the details. I will say that I am not a model nor a professional photographer. Just your average Mama who likes clothes. You may not like my style and that's A-OK with me!

So, without further ado... What I'm wearing today:

Top & Tank: Target, Ankle length jeggings: Kohl's, Flip Flops: random shoe store in Miami circa 2007

Belt: Target

Makeup: My routine tends to be short and sweet, not much time for all the frills with a little one pulling on my legs, but what I use - Foundation: Clinque, Powder: Bluff Dust by Benefit, Under Eye Concealer: Simply Ageless by Covergirl & Olay, Bronzer: Benefit, Blush: Bourjois, Mascara: Whatever is on sale at Target :)

And finally, what the little man is wearing:

Overalls: Thrifted Levi's, Sesame St. T-Shirt: Target, Shoes: Stride Rite

On the move:

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