Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Pumpkin Time!

Halloween is coming up (how did a year go by so quickly??) and that means it's time to start planning little G's costume. Last year was pretty easy. I found a super cute robot costume from Children's Place at the last minute so it was on sale. He was adorable, despite the fact that MIL thought he was a computer, whatever.

Here he is last year:

(Oh my God! Look at my tiny baby!! *sob*)

For some reason this year I just can't come up with any good ideas. I've scoured the internet and the stores and I'm coming up short. So far these are the few ideas I've come across that look even remotely good.

Max from Where the Wild Things Are



An Owl

So far that's all I've come up with. Honestly? None of them are really striking me as "the one." Since G is still on the cusp of being a toddler I really want to be able to put him in something that's cute and sweet. My time to dress him the way I want to is limited. Before I know it he's going to want to be a ninja or vampire, which will be fine, but I want to get all I can out of this baby stage while it lasts. So... anyone have any better ideas?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ready For Fall

The blog took a small hiatus while the family took a vacation to Florida to visit Husband's family. Florida in September is... hot. Like Hell, with steam. Our neck of the woods is so opposite weather wise that I actually had to buy summer clothes for the three of us. Hopefully I'll get around to doing a post on our trip soon, but for now I'm sticking to the Monday Fashion post.

Mid-September means it is time to start breaking out the Fall wardrobe. Although our area actually tends to have a few warm weeks around this time of year, I can't wait to try out a few new trends. One of them being flares. I remember when I was about 14 I swore up and down that I would never wear them, that they were utterly hideous. A couple years later they came into style and I found myself eating crow. Since then I have learned to never say never when it comes to fashion.

Once again flares have made a comeback in the fashion world. Like a lot of trends I suspect this one will go just as quickly as it came so I'm not willing to invest a whole lot in it, but I did want to try it out. That's where Target comes in. Always a good way to get your feet wet. Let's take a look at today's look shall we?

Cardigan: Marshalls (circa 2008), Flares: Target

When it gets too warm the cardigan comes off and voila, we have a cool summery look.

Top: Forever 21, Necklace: A vendor at a quilt show (circa 2006)

An attempt at showing my hair - don't mind me neighbor man, just taking pictures of myself...

A pretty good fit for jeans from Target. I also love the lace detail on the top.

This is called a Dutch braid, which is essentially an inverted French braid. Also note the makeup, I had a little lesson in eye shadow from my cousin. :)

After taking a series of ugly pictures (think bags under the eyes, double chins, weird angles) I decided to go ahead and just make some "ugly" faces on purpose. I think I need to work on my photography/modeling skills otherwise my pictures are going to look like this from now on...

Oh! And the shoes! Who could forget the shoes? (Pay no attention to my "garden" in the background.)

Shoes: Marshalls

I have to admit that these shoes are a little less than mom-friendly. They certainly aren't something I'm going to be chasing G-Man around in, but they are pretty. They also serve a purpose. Flares, in my opinion, don't look very good with flat shoes. Every pair of flats I've tried with the flares has made my legs look kind of squat. These definitely helped to elongate the gams. Also, they are a nice little pick-me-up. Nothing like a good pair of heels to make you walk a little taller. :)

As a side note, little G- Man must have been feeling rather pooped from our trip because he ended up taking a record breaking four hour nap today. Sadly this means he was not present for our fashion shoot. Instead I leave you with His Royal Cuteness on vacation.