Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Pumpkin Time!

Halloween is coming up (how did a year go by so quickly??) and that means it's time to start planning little G's costume. Last year was pretty easy. I found a super cute robot costume from Children's Place at the last minute so it was on sale. He was adorable, despite the fact that MIL thought he was a computer, whatever.

Here he is last year:

(Oh my God! Look at my tiny baby!! *sob*)

For some reason this year I just can't come up with any good ideas. I've scoured the internet and the stores and I'm coming up short. So far these are the few ideas I've come across that look even remotely good.

Max from Where the Wild Things Are



An Owl

So far that's all I've come up with. Honestly? None of them are really striking me as "the one." Since G is still on the cusp of being a toddler I really want to be able to put him in something that's cute and sweet. My time to dress him the way I want to is limited. Before I know it he's going to want to be a ninja or vampire, which will be fine, but I want to get all I can out of this baby stage while it lasts. So... anyone have any better ideas?

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