Monday, August 29, 2011

Jamma Jamma Jamma, PJ!

It's Pajama Time!

Today is the kind of day that calls for PJs. It's ridiculously cold and blustery outside. G-Man didn't sleep well last night which in turn means Mama didn't sleep well either. Add that to the fact that my pants are a little snug and my face is all broken out like a teenager (WTF?) and I'm definitely not in a fashonista mood today. When I rolled out of bed this morning to collect G from his crib, only to find that his supersize overnight diaper had leaked all over, I was done before the day even started. Thus, I declared an official pajama day, and no, I will not be sharing pictures of our outfits. :P

Instead I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite outfits this summer and a clip of one of my favorite movies (which we are watching while all snuggled up on the couch).

On me - Top: Forever 21, Pleated Shorts: Target, Sandals: Ross, Sunglasses: Marshalls. On G - He's a Target baby all the way!

Maxi Dress: Target, G's outfit: Target

And now I leave you with possibly one of the best scenes ever! Gotta love Rupert Everett...

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