Tuesday, August 16, 2011

12, 13, 14 (almost)

Where has the time gone? Have I mentioned that my baby is not really a baby anymore? At almost 14 months old he doing decidedly kid-like things. Sometimes it is so wonderful to watch him grow and learn and other times I just want to cry out, "No!! Stop growing!! Stay just as you are!!!!" Thankfully for everyone involved (even me) he continues to grow and learn each day. In fact, right now he's walking (yes walking!) around our living room babbling and laughing like a mad man, stopping only to pick up the occasional toy, inspect it and then toss it aside. When he catches me watching he tilts his head to the side and gives a big ol' smile. Quite the little man.

So what have we been up to the last couple of months? Growing, growing, growing!

Stats: Weight - 19lbs 12oz at 12 months and approximately 21lbs now. Height 29.5in (at 12 months). He just started fitting into his size 12 months clothes although in things like one-piece pajama sets he's starting to need the 18 months size because he's so long. I think he technically could still fit into the 9 months size pants around the waist (he's a skinny mini!) but he way too long for them so instead he'll have to deal with saggy pants. He was fitting nicely into size 3 shoes and then I noticed they were getting a little tight so I took him to get measured for new shoes. He's now a whopping 4.5/5 wide (you can thank Daddy-o for those wide feet little G-Man).

Walking: Little man is now walking like a pro. He keeps me busy chasing after him. I will say that certain things still trip him up (literally), like uneven/bumpy surfaces, needing to step up or down, or inclines. Yesterday we were leaving the house and he tripped over the threshold smacking his head into the doorway. There were tears. Lots and lots of tears. Also, when he tries to combine walking with any other task, like drinking water it's pretty much a recipe for disaster. He now has a lovely cut on his chin and lip from a run in with a sippy cup. Lesson learned, don't drink and walk.

Language: We're pretty sure G is fluent in some sort of alien language. It sounds a lot like "dooka dooka, DO da, gwee bah JOO mah!! It has a similar cadence and inflection to the English language but is quite clearly foreign. He points at stuff and gestures while he talking too. Pretty interesting stuff. Then there are the real words: go, bye-bye, hi, mama, dada, up, down, cold, water (wawa), banana (nana), that (dat), doggy (dahdah), belly button (bay buh un), I did it, I got it, all done, all gone. I know there are other words he says but for the life of me I can't think of them now. He can also do the sign for "more." I'm not big on the whole baby sign language trend, but he was getting frustrated (and so was I) during meal time so I showed it to him a couple of times and he picked it up pretty quickly.

In terms of comprehension, I'm pretty sure he understand a large percentage of what I say. He can follow pretty simple directions, i.e. come here, go get the ball, etc. When we ask him where his head is he smacks his head with his hands, he can also locate my belly button when asked. We're working on pointing to his nose, but he frequently ends up poking himself in the eye with one.

Other cute things: G loves to point at things. He loves to visit with our neighbor who takes him around the back yard for little nature walks. He points at everything and babbles away while he does it. He also recently learned how to clap (right around 12 months I think) and now he does it for everything. Sometimes I'll be watching TV and if people start clapping on there he'll stop what he's doing, luck up at me and clap very enthusiastically. He waves bye-bye (and sometimes for hello) pretty well, but it's usually after the person has already gone.

Every night Husband and I read G man stories and then Husband says goodnight, gives him hugs and kisses then and blows G kisses from the door. For the past few months I've been helping G blow kisses back. Yesterday, for the first time ever he blew me a kiss on his own. I actually think he's been trying to do it for a while but was confusing it with the fun game of patting his hand over his mouth to make the "wah wah wah" sound.

I have had terrible allergies since I got pregnant with G and for some reason they have never gone away. Because of this, when G was still pretty small I got into the habit of making a big production out of my sneezes. Right after I sneezed I would say "Achoo!!" and be super silly about it. If I didn't do it that way he would get scared. Now it's just habit for me to say "Achoo" after I sneeze and it still makes him laugh. This morning I walked into the living room where G was playing and I sneezed twice. He turned to look at me and before I could say anything he smiled really big and said "Achoo Achoo!" Smarty pants.

G loves TV. I'm a little ashamed to admit this one. I know the AAP actually recommends that children don't watch until at least two years old, but really I think I would have lost my marbles early on without a little background noise here and there. Luckily He mostly only watches when there is music playing. He loves the intro to The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That, Super Why, and Backyardigans. He squeals with delight, runs up to the TV and dances around (which is more like a funny little booty shake). Then when the music is over he goes back to playing. Oh and he loves the theme song to General Hospital.

A few pictures of my guy:

The birthday boy

My handsome little man

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